sábado, mayo 25, 2013


Recuerdo el temor de perder la memoria en la partitura de memoria. El compás de mis pasos para no llegar tarde ni demasiado temprano. Tres tomas, una detrás de otra. Y la música en directo, sin conservantes ni colorantes:  Beethoven fuera de una jaula de cualquier platea hecha con los 5 hilos del pentagrama.  Las voces del coro. La sorpresa de los mayores. La sonrisa de los pequeños. Los aplausos. En fin, libres, al fin.

 Hoy, en su primer cumpleaños, celebro que más de 100 mil almas, de las más de 10 millones que han compartido la alegría,  hayan dejado en el apartado de comentarios una huella emocionada del  poder de la música.

The one certain method humans have found to bring them together with harmony, kindness, and love. Is through MUSIC.

La musique, voila la SEULE religion! Ce n'est que Beauté, bonté, simplicité et communion.

It's magical how music can connect people. In situations like this it doesn't matter if these people are white, black, yellow, or else. It doesn't matter how much money they have and where they work. It doesn't matter what are their political or religious views. Just a few notes made an amazing harmony and I believe people should feel that peace and harmony every day.

Music makes people closer...

Las ideas son la fuente de todo lo que existe... Que increíble creación para sanar el cuerpo y el Alma... Lágrimas de emoción por experimentar sentimientos de amor incondicional... Que la Paz Sea con Todos!!!

I think this video, more than almost any other, shows how people can really come together through music. When all the citizens start singing along, I cannot help but shed a tear of joy over how close they all are, despite seeing one another as strangers.
I teared, this is just.. amazing.

I'm here for the violence... aaaaaaaaand it's gone.

What? No sound of gunfire, ambulances, fire truck or police cars? What is this world coming to? Sound of music and love! What is next? Peace, freedom and no hunger? Just get rid of religion and bring in the music!

Eina d’integració.

No hi ha paraules que ho puguin descriure.

Capacitat d’arribar a l’ànima dels nens.

Like to teach the WORLD TO SING? It can happen again.
I think a lot of people feel strangely when a new feeling happens inside them. This is my favorite video on youtube. 

There is still beauty left in the world - music crosses all boarders.

Ladies and gentleman .... let us all stop our fighting due to our indifference, regardless of race, language or religion ... and just enjoy this piece of music where all "earthlings" unite for once ... enjoy this "peace" :) .............. Singapore, S.E Asia.

Il video è bellissimo. L'amore per la musica non invia l'avviso, non ci chiama per nome, non ci fa attendere; entra nel nostro cuore a passi brevi, in silenzio. I suoni ad uno uno si chiamano tra loro e in sordina arrivano a grandi esplosioni che allargano il nostro cuore fino a farti brillare gli occhi. Grazie amica il video, lo codivido con te Claudio.

Historically the love of the arts united the masses and contributed to a strong sense of well-being. Music is a smile on our face, a lighten heart, and the pure language of love, passion, cooperation, and joy. For a moment in time your music changed the world of many...and that moment will continue to multiply over and over again to bring joy to the masses....Thank you for the smile, for the lightened heart, and for changing my world in a positive way today...Congrats to you. Bravo!

Now if only all the people in the world could be united by music like this... sounds of guns and bombs would be replaced by sounds of melodies... 

This moved me to tears. People need to realize that, even if we lose our connection to the electronic world, we will all be united with music and song. History has proven that music brings all walks of life together, if not physically, than emotionally.

Music plays to the hearts and minds of whoever listens to it. The glory of music is the fact that anyone can listen to a tune and another person can listen to same tune, and they will both walk away with a different experience. This is a wonderful song, and be you agnostic, atheist, hindu, whatever it doesn't matter.

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